Artist Statement

In this project I have looked at social awkwardness and relationships. I have looked at how people reacted in-front of the camera expressing facial expressions that they think they look like. This idea then developed by producing my film with un-proffesinal actors (volunteers) inspired by the film ‘Blue Valentine’ this film felt relevant to me and my relationship experiences. I wanted to link the two ideas together ‘social awkwardness’ and ‘relationships’ going up and down in emotions.

I thought that the best way to approach this idea would be through film because of the process making it and the final outcome. Using non actors contrast with the original film with actors that can be natural in front of the camera. The two are fighting against each other. I selected relevant scenes where i have had similar experiences and reenacted the scenes with volunteers. Each three couples did all the same scenes which lead to repetitiveness in the process of the making. Part of the script is from the original film but the volunteers could improvise and say what they think they would say in that particular moment.

Along with this I have a silent Black and White film showing people expressing facial expressions, this also shows social awkwardness linking in with the three films.

As a whole I feel that this has been an interesting topic linking the two ideas together. I intend to take this further by creating more films of repetitiveness



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