Documentation – Degree Show – Structure

Please see final Videos on the memory stick Provided.

The idea and sculpture has come from the Lux exhibition.


I was inspired by this and liked the fact that you could walk round it and then see hidden monitors.

I have created a similar structure by having it square and in black with open spaces.

My sculpture started very big and had lines inside from all angles. My original plan was to have at least five films showing but I was able to do this many therefore I only had three screens with a big structure that needed the space filled up.

I had a long debate with my tutor Rosie about how it need to change. At first I wasn’t keen on the idea of changing it because it took so much time to make but I knew deep down that Rosie was right.

I also painted it in gloss paint which was a big mistake. Rosie agreed with this and said that I should change it to matt.

I thought long and hard about what to do I also had a meeting with Nick the technician with Rosie. We discussed what I could do to make it smaller without being a long drawn out job. We agreed that just taking one half of it would make a huge difference.We also decided that it would look better that all the lines in the middle of the structure should be taken out. It looked too busy and distracting.

After the structure was finished and I was happy with it I then put the shelf’s in for the TV’s to be placed onto.

Once it was finished I then sanded off the gloss paint which took long two long hard days. This then allowed me to cover it with matt black paint.

I’m so pleased I changed it and took Rosie’s points on board. It completely works now and doesn’t look so daunting.

Using matt paint helps it to intertwine with the space and the black lighting. I knew when I started putting the gloss paint that it wasn’t a good idea. Gloss was too bold. The main attributes are the films not the structure. They need to flow as one.

From the pictures below you can see that the TV’S are placed looking out for the audience to view with little speakers placed within the structure.

I have kept the wires flowing as they are because I feel that it makes it come alive. It looks like your looking into a ‘relationship’ – linking in with the films.

I am very happy with the final outcome. I have made it look professional by cleaning the floors spotless. Painting and filling in the gaps of my wall that has my projected video, Made a boarder at the bottom of the wall to make it look neat and presentable, cabled up the projection wires on the ceiling neatly.

This has mad me want to perhaps help other artist in the future set up their exhibitions for a job.

It was hard work and felt like it was never ending. There was so much to think about and when you think your finished there was always something else that came up.

My first year helper helped me paint some parts of my structure, sand it down and clean the floors.



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